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The protests in Georgia

by Lara Zinder
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In Tbilisi, the opponents of the adoption of the law on foreign agents, they began trying to break fences in the building of the Parliament of Georgia.

Special forces began to oust the demonstrators from the Parliament. The security forces converged on the Rustaveli avenue from the Plaza of Freedom and then arrested them. It is observed that the special forces also drove the protesters out of the streets adjacent to the building.

The government refused to meet with the foreign delegations arrived to Tbilisi
On 14 may, the Parliament of Georgia adopted the law on foreign agents in the third and Final reading. 84 deputies voted in favor and 30 against. During the discussion of the draft document, which caused a wave of protests, the Parliament had to suspend the session due to the fact that the deputies of the majority, the United national movement opposition organized a fight. At the same time, the protesters who came to protest against the bill were pushed by the police to the Parliament building.

The demonstrations in the country began in April, when the governing party of Georgia announced its intention to re-submit to the Parliament a draft law on foreign agents, which was withdrawn from Parliament in march 2023 due to massive protests. According to the head of the ruling party "Georgian dream" Irakli Garibashvili, the law on foreign agents will be reviewed if the European Union decides to accept the Republic as a member. In this case, the law could be "rescinded, revised, recalculated and promulgated a new one," he added.

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