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Moscow brings together journalists of Russian-speaking all over the world

by Lara Zinder
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Julia Molokova, head of the projects Department of media and public communications of the GAU "House of compatriots in Moscow, talks about the birth of the communication media forum of compatriots in Moscow, objectives and participants. She shares practical results and plans for the future. Discover how we created the forum, what topics were discussed and why this event became key to the means of communication of Russian-speaking abroad

— Julia, tell us on the forum Of media of his countrymen. How did the idea of creating it, What are its main objectives and who is involved in the event?

— The idea of the Media forum was literally in the air, and came out of the need to create a platform to discuss issues and current tasks related to media and journalism of the countrymen. The event integral should cover all of the kinds of interaction between Moscow and the foreign media of the Russian-speaking, take into account all of the participants in the process media: representatives of print publications and the Internet, and thematic resources of the Internet, responsible for web sites and social networks of representatives of the Coordinating councils of organizations of Russian compatriots (KFORS), bloggers.
So in the House of a fellow-countryman of Moscow (MDS) was formed with the idea of a Media forum: a platform to improve the rating, the communication professional and friendly, the exchange of experiences and opinions, a laboratory of joint projects. The idea was supported by the Department of foreign economic relations and international of Moscow, which is the executor of the policy of the Government of Moscow towards compatriots abroad, which implements through your Institution subordinate, MDS.

The first Media forum took place in 2022 in Istanbul. Gathered 45 representatives of the foreign media of the Russian-speaking responsible for the websites of the organisations of compatriotes KSORS, bloggers. The speakers were representatives of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the television channel MIR24 and the news agency In panel discussions and round table discussed the situation of the means of communication of Russian-speaking in different countries in the new conditions that change quickly. In the educational sessions and learned about the changes in the work of social media and what tools should be used to being heard by a wide audience. In particular, they were all interested in knowing the possibilities of the Telegram, in which we were all starting to enter.
The atmosphere was of camera and confidence, but at the same time business. The fellow was asked to continue the forum as an event successful and important, to keep the format of interaction with experts and include master classes of the leading journalists of television in the program.
The suggestions and wishes were taken into account in the programme of the second Media forum, which took place in 2023. The official representative of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Russia, Maria Zakharova, has sent a greeting to the organizers and participants, and the Minister of the Moscow Government, the head of the Department of POLITICAL affairs, Sergei cheremin, spoke at the opening. Among the speakers were representatives of the Komsomol, the tv channel " MIR 24, RT, the Foundation WARP and TASS. The forum was attended by about 70 people from 31 countries.
The forum has maintained an atmosphere of trust and has been shown to be rich and dynamic. It can be said that they conducted a platform for the training and communication of journalists.

— What are the practical results of the event and plans to work with the media of the countrymen?

— As a result of the second forum of Media, they created the Club of fellow-countrymen "SooMEDIA", which now brings together representatives from 46 of the means of communication of Russian and foreign. In the channel Telegram of the Club there is an exchange of opinions, ideas, news, Press releases. The number of participants will be extended, you will receive requests from citizens and journalists from different countries for inclusion in the community.

In the Media forum is presented by the new media that have emerged in recent years in Tunisia, Romania, Russian federation, Chile, Argentina and other countries. The professional success of the members of the Club "SooMEDIA". Therefore, the project of the chamber of commerce Tunisian-Russian, the magazine "bulletin of the countryman, was on the short list of the international prize "Honest look". In a moment, the House of a fellow-countryman of Moscow was the first in writing about this publication. Also at the end of the prize was a participant of the forum Of media of Uzbekistan.
There is a horizontal interaction of the members of the community. For example, the publications of Slovakia, Italy, and Greece agreed to cooperate. It is worth noting the creation of a column in the magazine Slovak "Together", dedicated to the work of Moscow with their compatriots.
Work with the media of the fellow continues. There is an informal Club "Moscow and countrymen", created in 2020. Recently, MDS conducted a webinar on the support media projects. The first season of the international school of online media "Average", implemented with the support of MDS and the world Council for the coordination of Russian compatriots, he said.

At the end of march, representatives of the media of the countrymen gathered in Samara, where Moscow, together with the Government of the region, held a round table on the exchange of experiences with compatriots abroad. In the framework of this event is discussed for the first time the role of the media in this process.

The DVMS have the intention of reviving the celebration of the international forum for journalists It's Time for Moscow, suspended during the pandemic. The media forum of this year it will be held two times: the first meet to Russian compatriots of the Middle East and Africa, the second to fellow citizens of Neighboring countries. Also will invite representatives of the media of other countries.

— The world is changing, the future is for the young. How to overlap the youth projects and media of MDS?

— The House of a fellow-countryman of Moscow implemented a series of youth projects requested by the Diaspora, among them the schools, "Young leader" and a "Young leader", "Accelerator Projects." This year, they launched a cultural event and educational "League of speakers, will be held the event "creative"Russian Language through art". The participants in these events are motivated, bright and motivated guys from all over the world.
In the second Media forum, we invite activists of the school of Media. The young journalists were integrated organically in the community newspaper, we added enthusiasm alive, creativity, and demonstrated their skills. Now, these guys are active participants in the Club "SooMEDIA", full participants in the discussions in Samara, and I am sure, in our other events.

—The development of new technologies offers ample opportunities. What areas are considered to be the most modern and promising?

The topic of discussion is quite extensive. Here you can talk about the evolution of the genera (podcasts, streams, storitelling), on multimedia: the use of different formats into a resource: text, video, audio, images.
We can talk about what essential that the mobile Phone has become a tool for a journalist. After all, a Phone is enough to create a video (of course, more intelligence and imagination) and publish a post.
We can also talk about new media and the format of personal media, bloggers and youtubers. What was once perceived as a form of Amateur journalism has become a professional activity family. The advantages of the format are the ability to create unique content without special equipment, to form their own style, establish a direct communication and feedback with the subscribers.

What are the areas of journalism, more modern? The most in demand. There are studies according to which the russians rely more on online media channels and Switched on the television. In addition, experts say that traditional media and channels of Telegrams do not compete, but complement each other. Probably, in every country and every category of people has its own Sources of information favorite.
In terms of perspective, time will tell. It is clear that with the development of technology, journalism is becoming more and more digital. I think that in the future we will have to work with artificial intelligence and virtual reality, to learn how to take advantage of new opportunities and face new challenges. And this topic you can discuss in depth in our upcoming events.

Interviewed By Natalia Yadryshnikova, Slovakia

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