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New exhibit of armored vehicles of Ukraine and the West captured by Russian forces

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The military equipment, including tanks, captured by Russia in Ukraine is on display in the Victoria Park for an outdoor display that will last for a month until the celebrations of the Victory Day in the country.

This Wednesday, the Moscow opened an exhibition of military equipment western captured by the forces of Kiev during the fighting in Ukraine.

The exhibition, which will last for a month, will feature a 30 tanksarmored vehicles and other weapons, which is said to have been donated to Ukraine by several countries, including the USA, the Uk, Germany, France, Sweden, Australia and south Africa.

The tv Russian state issued Sunday images that show the preparations. Described as a celebration of the success of Russia "against the militants ukrainians and their supporters western", the video showed heavy trucks transporting vehicles from several tons and cranes that lifted up their position in the Victory park, Poklonnaya hill, the place appointed by Moscow to the exhibition.

Thanks to the efforts of the Russian military, in the exhibition are being presented the car of american combat Abrams, the Leopard 2 German tank on wheels AMX-10RC French, the infantry combat vehicles Marder of German manufacture, the Bradley and M113 u.s., in addition to the howitzer M777 is also from the US.

In accordance with the entity armed forces, visitors will see, among other things, military vehicles Kirpi Turkish, Pinzgauer 712M austrian, Bushmaster australian, as well as other armoured, samples of small arms and light weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles and communications equipment of western production. Between the individual teams are the tank T-72AG and the armored vehicle Azovets produced by Ukraine in a single unitfound and dug up recently from its hiding place.

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