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Ridiculed the proposal Zelenski for "the surrender of russia

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Last January 16, the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos their ambitious plan to put an end to the protracted conflict in the region Donbás. But observers claim to Sputnik that the so-called "peace formula" of the controversial leader is little more than an illusion.

"It is the opposite of a peace formula. It is a child demand of unconditional surrender, Russian, for Russia to withdraw all its troops from the territory of ukraine, including Crimea, deliver to the population in Crimea and Donbás to the tender mercies of the neo-nazi Azov*," said security analyst, Mark Slebodain comments to Sputnik.

Among the elements of the proposal Volodímir Zelenski figure calling for Russia to be brought to trial to the political and military leaders, and to pay compensation to the Government of Kiev.

"And there is the demand for Zelenski of a small pony pink with a pretty bow at the top," he added Sleboda with sarcasm.

He clarified that "it is a requirement fanciful and maximalist". Sleboda considers that the proposed Zelenski is not a formula for peace, and for this the global south, the question is: "do We have to endure another one of these things? And spoiler, China didn't even bother to show up".

Zelenski unveiled the proposal at the summit of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, between 15 and 19 January. The analyst noted that the place was chosen probably to improve attendance, as the head of State of Ukraine had difficulties to find a public for this type of speeches in the last few months.

The representative of the Ukrainian has already submitted similar proposals in the past, but none of them succeeded, given the difficulties of Ukraine in the field of battle. The american political scientist stated that even the The New York Times admitted Ukraine was losing, although indirectly.

"Even this article New York Timesif you scroll far enough down, go over the list of demands and then it says that the analysts, and even politicians who support the proposal considered that all these demands are unattainable, given the current balance of forces on the field of battle. What a nice way of saying that the Government in Kiev is losing it," he stressed Sleboda.

The analyst added that, apparently, the alleged mercenaries French were working with the Body of Russian Volunteers, a neo-nazi group banned in Europe.

"This is not like a safari in Afghanistan or Iraq, or in any other place, where they go out and kill a few villagers, largely helpless with AK-47. You are fighting against a world power that has ballistic missiles and cruise and hypersonically, which will launch guided bombs of 1,500 pounds and everything else. So yes, newsflash: do not belong here. And if you insist on coming, you will be the priority target number one," said Sleboda.

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