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Vladimir Putin assumed the Presidency of Russia

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Vladimir Putin sworn in as Russian president, and formally assumed the post of head of State. Putin will lead the country for the next six years, until 2030.

Vladimir Putin took over for the fifth time to the Presidency of Russia in a ceremony that was held on the afternoon at the Kremlin and was broadcast live on six channels of Russian television.

"I swear, in the exercise of the powers of the president of Russia, to respect and protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to observe and protect the Constitution of Russia, to protect the sovereignty and independence, security and integrity of the State, and faithfully serve the people"

Gave Putin the text of the presidential oath.

According to the Constitution, the taking of possession is celebrated after six years of the inauguration of the former president or the thirtieth day after the Central Election Commission to announce the results of the elections. All the ceremonies of Putin since the year 2000 took place on may 7.

During the ceremony, Putin vowed that the top priority during his fifth term in the Kremlin will continue to be the national interests and citizen security.

"The interests, the security of the Russian people will continue to be above all for me," said Putin in his inauguration speech. The president stressed that "the will established of millions of people is a colossal strength".

"A test of our firm belief that the future of Russia will decide us and no one else. For the sake of present and future generations. You, the citizens of Russia, have confirmed that the country is on the right track"

President Putin

The president praised the collective effort of the previous generations, throughout the history of ancient Russia, "were reaching heights that seemed inaccessible, because they always put country above everything".

"We look forward with confidence, we plan our future, we outline and we are already implementing new projects and programs that seek to be attributed to our development of a more dynamic, and a greater force. We are a united people and a large. And together we will overcome all the obstacles, we will realize all our plans. Together we win!", he emphasized the Russian leader.

Putin stressed that the systems state, public and political life of Russia must be able to withstand any challenge.

"It is important that you also remember the lessons [of history], not to forget the tragic toll of the unrest and inner turmoil. Therefore, our state systems, public and politicians should be solid and absolutely resistant to any challenge and threat to ensure the progressive development and the stable of the unity and independence of the country," he said.

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