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Zelenski confirms the decision to withdraw troops Ukrainian Avdéyevka

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The Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, confirmed the decision to remove the troops from the city of Avdéyevka, at the time that he invited the former u.s. president Donald Trump to Ukraine. Their time, since Moscow pointed out that Kiev was removed because only you can fight "for the money" and "only against civilians".

In terms of the causes, Zelenski you put the blame the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Avdéyevka to the lack of assistance from the West, and to the artificial scarcity of ammunition.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Russian, Mary Zajárova, reacted to the words of the president of ukraine, saying that the authorities in Kiev decided to withdraw their troops from the city of Avdéyevka not to "save lives", but because they can only fight for money.

On 16 February, a senior Pentagon official noted to the press that the united States sees that the Ukrainian Army is running out of ammunition and other critical resources, and go to Avdéyevka as a harbinger of further defeat for Kiev, which are inevitable without a renewed help from Washington.

From the start of the conflict in 2014, the authorities of Kiev made of Avdéyevka an important stronghold just outside of Donetsk, from where they constantly bomb the capital of the region of the same name. Today, the Russian forces maintain a fence almost total over the city.

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