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"The space Russian is complimented by the children of the world and Russia"

by Lara Zinder
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On April 16 in the center "Cosmonáutica And it aviation" in VDNH was held
The first Festival space "Space Russian congratulates the children of the world and Russia" marathon "Flight over the world", scheduled to celebrate The day of the Cosmonáutica, the 90th anniversary of the birth of Yuri Gagarin and the 50th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Shilov, the only artist whose paintings were exhibited at the ISS.

At the beginning of the event, the participants of the Festival were presented with a virtual exhibition of the creative works of the winners of the international contest "Yuri Gagarin in Russia and the world", in which participated more than 6,000 children from 73 countries.

Festival participants and guests of honour, commended the young artists and numerous groups of choreographic works from different regions of our country, which during the year were selected in the framework of regional competitions for the best numbers creative spatial orientation.

The president of the youth Commission of the Council for interethnic relations of the president of the Russian Federation, the deputy of the state Duma Viktor Vodolatsky, sent a welcome message to the participants of the event, who was read by Olga Zvonareva, a member of the Committee on Patriotic education and spiritual and moral development of children and youth of the Council for interethnic relations of the president of the Russian Federation.
Alexander Murom, president of the trade union sports of Russia, 11 times Holder of the Guinness record your greeting and the greeting, noted the importance of the development of the talents of Russia as a resource for intellectual and creative state.

The co-chair of the Board of directors of the charitable Foundation "Our world-the 21st century", the head of the educational center "KIT". Timofey Anikin gave the medals "philanthropist Russian" signed by the chair of the awards Committee, the general-colonel Peter Nelezin, the missionaries: Andrei borisenko, Vladimir Volgin, Lilia Malkovsky, Svyatoslav shilov, Sergi Shagulashvili, Karen Khudoyan, Vladimir Gutorkin, Tamil Kerimova.
In addition, for the participants of the Festival, there was a film about the paintings of the Honored artist of the Russian Federation Alexander shilov, which were sent on board the international space station.
Of the movie, viewers learned that in April 2007, five works by the artist Alexander Shilov: "Russian open Spaces", "Pond in Sokolniki", "Spring. Hawks", "Birch trees by the water. Sokolniki " and "height" as is exhibited aboard the international space station. Then, the Russian cosmonauts, expedition 15 long-Term Fyodor Yurchikhin and Oleg Kotov were brought into the orbit of the canvas. On 21 April, the paintings returned to Russia in the ship, Soyuz TMA-9. Each work is marked with signatures of all of the crew of the ISS. The flight engineer of the ISS-14 Mikhail Tyurin brought the images back to Earth with his colleagues, the NASA astronaut Michael López-alegría and the participant of the space flight Charles Simoni. The fact exhibit paintings of A. A. Shilov in the ISS is registered in the "Guinness book of records".

At the end of the viewing of the film, Alexander Shilov spoke to the participants. He thanked the organizers and participants for the concert space, and wished the participants look forward to the future with confidence and strive for new discoveries.

The pilot-cosmonaut, hero of Russia, Andrey Borisenko, also sent a video message of welcome to the participants, in which he said: "The Exploration of space is our future, and every one of you, in spite of the fact that it is dedicated to dance, music, or artistic creation, you can become an explorer from outer space if you make a special effort".

At the end of the Festival, the organizers held an award ceremony.
In the first part, is awarded the foreign students of the Russian state University of friendship of peoples Patrice Lumumba, won the competition of presentations "Contribution of my country to the development of the space industry of the world." The presentation took place on the first day of the marathon three-day international "Flight over the world" at the flight center of the RUDN, the Committee of experts included a member of the crew duplicator Soyuz MS-19, the cameraman, the operator of the movie "Challenge" Alexey Dudin, the dean of the Faculty of management of the Russian Academy of national economy and public Service under the president of the Russian Federation Svetlana Litvinova and the head of the social movement "Synergy of talents," Olga Zvonareva. The winners were: Martínez Jiménez Ángel Alejandro (Mexico), Mohammad Jamal (Syria), Aldezhuzaifa (Syria), Hatzifeodoridiselefterios (Greece), Aliyeva inji Gazanfarovna (Azerbaijan), Saakian Liana Surenovna (Armenia), Mohammad Kazim Tabasomm (Awganistan), Li Wenhao (China), Li Huang (China), Wu Thihoay (Viet Nam), Batsuhadyaasuren (Mongolia). It is also awarded to a student of the 9th grade of School Rostov-on-Don.21, Mikhail Apresianaz, the international project "On the Space Russian", which will result in the publication of the encyclopedia international for teens "space Russian in Russia and the World". The award ceremony was performed by Alexey Dudin and the deputy vice-rector of RUDN to work with students with Alexey Kremnev.

The winners of the I Festival space "The space Russian is complimented by the children of the world and Russia" with diplomas and cups on behalf of the president of the presidential Commission on the Patriotic education and spiritual and moral development of children, Olga Zvonareva.
The non-profit organization "Pearl of Karelia", under the direction of Olga Ivantsova, received a special award for the conduct of tours of classification and the organization of the program of the concerts of the Festival. In preparation of the Festival, the production center "Talent Universe," the director Ekaterina Spiridonova, also participated actively.
At the end of the ceremony, Olga Zvonareva wanted not to stop there, but to walk with confidence through the discoveries and creative achievements for the benefit of the great Russia.

The Festival is organized by the social movement "regional Synergy of talents" in the framework of the Commission's work on the Patriotic education of children and young people of the presidential Council for interethnic relations of the Russian Federation with the support of the state Corporation "Roscosmos".
The I Festival space, dedicated to the day of the Cosmonáutica, was held on the basis of the conference of the Russian society "Knowledge" and the state Corporation "Roscosmos" in the center "Cosmonáutica and it aviation" in the framework of the exhibition-international forum "Russia" in VDNKH. In addition, the video concert will be presented to the Russian compatriots living abroad in the framework of the third day of the marathon "Flight over the world."

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