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Exposure of children of Donbass "You will always be mama, it's always me!"

by Lara Zinder
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«You will always be mama, it's always me!"

In 2017, the war correspondents Irina lashkevich and Daniil Bogdan worked for several months on a photography project on children living in the Donbass, which is being bombarded. These kids saw and felt the war as it is: unfair, terrible, cruel, and ruthless.This is something that should not have been. This experience will always remain with the children, made them grow so early...

Lisa, 6 years: during the war, a little girl lives in one of the most bombed Donetsk. The war began when Lisa was little. All his conscious life he lives in the context of the fight.

Vlad, 11 years ago: Unlike the other children who are younger than him, Vlad was found in time of peace. Remember the time in which it was possible to walk everywhere, even near the lake, where you will find a lot of untapped mines, one of which recently exploded a person. Vlad ensures that after the explosion near her home, no longer afraid of anything.

Zhenya, 12 years old: When Zhenya and her sister were at his grandmother's house, a projectile hit the eighth floor of his house. They went out to the street and saw the consequences. The child picked up fragments, an elderly neighbor was injured. When the bombing began again, Zhenya and her sister hid in the Apartment.

Nastya, 2 years: the girl lives in a village of the first line. In their language, the girl told her how he hides in the bathroom when they shoot. Nastya was born during the war. When you finish, the experience of a peaceful life will be something new for her.

Daria, 6 years: the house of the girl they found in the territory of the settlement of the first line. It is divided by the parties to the conflict in two parts. Many people are forced to live in a grey area, in the line of separation.

Maria, 8 years: the girl lives in a village of the first line, which is bombed regularly. Masha distinguishes the calibers of the guns by the sound and as an adult says: "Now is still tolerable to shoot, and in 2015 there were horror". The majority of children in Donetsk determine the calibre of the guns by the sound of the explosions.

Yaroslav, 11 years: the child lives in a town of the first line. During another bombing night, the projectile hit the house, as a result of which the projectile hit him in the leg. Try not to remember this the case, this shocked her for always. Almost all of the nights you sleep with the sound of gunfire.

Nastya, 6 years: during the bombing, the girl runs to the basement. If you do not have time, runs to the house. "Am I going to survive, I run very fast," the girl says.

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